beach front vs ocean front

Beach Front vs Ocean Front: Which is Best for Home Buyers in Fort Lauderdale?

Fort Lauderdale is a Florida city renowned for its beautiful beaches. Home to a plethora of properties ranging from beachfront to oceanfront, homebuyers are often stuck deliberating on which one to choose. While beach front vs ocean front may seem interchangeable, they differ significantly. How do you choose between the two?

This blog will delve into the pros and cons of investing in a beachfront property versus an oceanfront property in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you are looking for a secondary home, vacation property, or a new primary residence, this article should guide you in making an informed decision.

Location and View

Beachfront homes are usually built closer to the shore with little elevation difference, making the proximity to the beach shorter. They are ideal for homeowners who value the ambiance and therapeutic sounds of the beach. Oceanfront homes are built on some elevation, depending on which view you are paying for, and they offer a wider viewing. They are ideal for homeowners who want a panoramic ocean view without the beach’s typical hustle and bustle.


Fort Lauderdale is renowned for hurricanes and tropical storms, and oceanfront homes are a better investment as they are built on stable foundations in anticipation of natural disasters. Most beachfront homes are just ground level; one can expect water damage when a heavy downpour and flooding happens frequently.


Beachfront properties face constant exposure to sand and saltwater, and the reflections from these substances will damage the paint, windows, and roof. On the other hand, oceanfront homes are not spared, as they face erosion, water damage, storm surges, and corrosive saltwater spray. These homes usually require decorative and structural maintenance.

Investment and Resale Value

Land is limited in Fort Lauderdale, so oceanfront properties are more expensive and have a better appreciation value over time, making them an excellent investment. They are also more in demand as they have a more breathtaking view. Beachfront properties are more affordable, have higher demand, and may be an attractive investment for people who cannot afford oceanfront properties.


Beachfront properties are more laid back, and the beach usually offers fewer amenities. The oceanfront properties often have more amenities, such as restaurants, shops, seaside bars, and luxurious hotels adjacent to the properties.

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Are beachfront properties more expensive than oceanfront properties?

Beachfront properties are often pricier due to their immediate beach access.

What are the primary considerations for beachfront property buyers?

Beach erosion risks and the potential for high foot traffic are crucial factors.

Do oceanfront properties require more maintenance?

While they may need some cliffside maintenance, they are generally less exposed to saltwater and erosion.

Are there any drawbacks to oceanfront properties?

Oceanfront properties may have less immediate access to the beach and may be higher in elevation.

Which option offers a better investment opportunity?

Beachfront properties often appreciate faster due to higher demand.

Can I enjoy water sports at both types of properties?

Yes, beachfront and oceanfront properties offer water sports opportunities, but beachfront provides more immediate access.


When it comes to investing in a home in Fort Lauderdale, it ultimately depends on your preference, budget, and investment goals. Both beach front vs ocean front properties have unique features for homebuyers, and you cannot make a wrong decision when choosing one. Identifying your preferences and researching properties that suit your needs and budget is essential. Hire a licensed and experienced real estate agent like us to guide you throughout the buying process, show you the available properties, and take you through the legal procedures. You will be happy you did when finally lounging on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale in your home!